Delicate lust

Delicate lust

You said me tenderly in the night
While I was busy in the kitchen

treasure I have long been waiting for you
lifting with me now this love glass

because I've been meaning in delicate lust
added you
there with a smile to

but I, I was quenched
for the love many too tired

We then ate a cookie
and a toast with some caviar

your post gave me a sweet little Kiss
that I found a loving gesture

It didn't take long
our tender fun
on the night of the dark

We had the sense to us
and the Moon shone carefully
your laugh sounded true

but suddenly popped up in your book you again
and I was only without pants
While you read about the mud Pike

After a long search I have found you
without promises or memories
just put in the nothing of the void
finger animals friend
and what do we have one lol

in the secrets of the evening
I take you what popularly
love hot for the silence
steaming words
for the lonely piano

now the beach populated
by kooks with beer bellies
I take you to my place
and we eat the Turkey

Here, I'll give you my phone number
you do need a compliment earned

finger animals friend
I am your finger animals friend.







© mobar. Dit werk blijft te allen tijde eigendom van de auteur. Zonder zijn/haar toestemming mag dit werk niet gebruikt worden voor andere doeleinden dan lezen.




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